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rivka ringelstein author photoRivka Ringelstein was born in Iasi Romania. She was lucky to have illegally escaped the holocaust horrors in 1947. It was a trip that would last two years as she moved from one country to another, until finally getting to Israel in 1949, only a few months after Israel became an independent country. Ringelstein spent her childhood, and adult life there, got married, had three kids and 7 grandkids, all while working and having a career. She came to Canada in 1990.

Her career has consisted of a number of jobs, from simple positions to higher ones, including 18 years as a financial adviser for RESPs (Registered Education Savings Plans) in Canada. She retired in 2014.

She has been through many happy events in her life, but she’s also known sadness, and
the loss of family members, most recently, her dear husband Arie, after being together for over 50 years.

Her book is the biography that her husband Arie started, and due to his
untimely passing, she has continued until she’s completed it.

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Together Forever: being a hero to your familyrivka ringelstein
Together Forever is the heartwarming story of a couple—Arie and Rivka Ringelstein—born in Moldova before the Second World War, who braved great hardships to narrowly escape the country as the Nazis sent their friends, family, and neighbors to the Death Camps. Although they were born no more than 64 miles apart, they did not meet until one fateful day years later in Israel when Arie—dashing in his IDF officer’s uniform—rode up on his motorcycle to carry Rivka’s heart away, and to become partners for life. Together Forever proves that love has the power to pull two people together over great distances and time, and bind them tightly together—even beyond death.

Together Forever: being a hero to your family is also available at http://www.arierivka.com/.


“Together Forever is first and foremost a love story–the story of Arie and Rivka Ringelstein. Although they were both born in Moldova, less than 100 miles apart from each other–events leading up to World War II and the Holocaust conspired to keep them apart. Each followed their separate path through Europe, and eventually to freedom. And each eventually found their way to the newly founded nation of Israel, where they became pioneers — and eventually man and wife. Together Forever tells Arie and Rivka’s stories in a riveting and inspiring way, and it also tells the historical backdrop that they and their families were so much a part of. I guarantee you will learn something interesting and new. Their story is heroic, and a must-read for anyone interested in the power of love to overcome even the most difficult of challenges. Highly recommended.”

Peter Economy on November 19, 2015

“There are heroes and heroines–but the best among them are the unsung ones–those who create, nurture and care for their families with love, respect and honor. The story of Arie and Rivka Ringelstein–the way they each grew up, partnered for life and shared experiences is one that is a better telling of history than any book written by scholars. They lived with personal losses brought by war, other evils, and illness. But once they found one another, they knew they had the best gift possible to any human: love. And on that foundation of love, they served their country well, their clients well, their extended family well…and they lived as supportive, strong, caring role models for their children. The story of Arie and Rivka sums up what life is all about: duty to self, to the beloved other, to the children, to the extended family, to community, to country, and, to humanity. Their story is a wonder to behold, to learn from and…to love.”

“I met Rivka and Arie Ringlestein years ago at a spiritual gathering. They are charming, kind, and loving individuals, and yet to read their story opens your eyes even further to the power, dignity, and grace of the human spirit. Meeting them, one would never have guessed the horrors they witnessed, the unthinkable trials they underwent being raised during the holocaust, hiding, losing loved ones, and leaving their homes and families, just to stay alive. The cheerful, beautiful souls I met would did not carry their painful memories as baggage but rather carried an inner light that exemplifies all that is good, beautiful, and true in our human hearts. To read this story is to read a piece of history from the perspective of those who lived it and found love to be a greater power than all the hatred and suffering they once witnessed. This book is a triumph of the human spirit and a testament to the beautiful truth that love is a force so powerful it transcends suffering, persecution, distance, and even the veils between this world and the next. Beautiful, inspiring work.”

Ann Albers on January 6, 2016

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