Introducing the third book in the MONSTERVILLE series, MOSS AND MAGIC

Something strange is happening to Jen.  Ever since the incident at Mia’s house, Jen can’t possibly fall asleep.  Luckily, Mia has a solution, but it’s going to take a lot of courage, quick thinking, and some very special moss.

Moss and Magic by Tamara Hecht continues Jen’s adventures in the all-monster town of Monsterville.  This story of action, mystery, and friendship is recommended for middle-grade readers.  If you’re new to Monsterville, you can find Welcome to Monsterville and The Music Room on Amazon.  Also, check out the Monsterville website and Facebook page for more news.

Best of all… We’re having a launch party and you’re invited!  If you can be in Newmarket, Ontario on July 22, 2017, then you are invited to the Moss and Magic book launch.  Drop by the Chapters-Indigo and say hello!

Date: July 22
Time: 11 am – 4 pm
Place: Chapters-Indigo in Newmarket (17440 Yonge Street, near Davis Drive)

We hope to see you there!  If you can’t make it, you can still find it on Amazon as of mid-July.


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