Call for Submissions

vaughan_writes_bannerIn celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary of confederation, Vaughan Public Libraries is implementing another Vaughan Writes initiative – please check out the Vaughan Writes Canada 150 Stories – Call for Submission.

Vaughan Public Libraries (VPL) champions local literary creation and cultural development. We have recently launched a few exciting Vaughan Writes initiatives to implement this commitment, such as offering innovative e-Publishing opportunities to local poets and writers through Vaughan Poetry Map and SELF-e.

In celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary of confederation, VPL is now inviting all writers and aspiring writers in Vaughan and the surrounding areas to create an anthology together. This anthology is to celebrate our Canadian land, people, culture and heritage. It is also an opportunity to showcase Vaughan’s literary talents:

  • Upon submitting your work, your entry(ies) will be automatically collected in our Vaughan Writes: a Canada 150 Curation on SELF-e.
  • A Review Panel composed of the Vaughan Writers’ Club senior members will further review all submissions and select up to 20 entries to be included in our book Voices of Vaughan: a Canada 150 Anthology. The Review Panelists may edit your entry before the anthology is e-Published on SELF-e. If your entry is selected, you will be invited to the book launch ceremony taking place in the fall.

If you are interested in this exciting community writing project and e-Publishing opportunity, please consult the Guidelines and submit your information by filling out the form at

Highlights of this community writing project

  • Great e-Publishing and promotional opportunity for writers and aspiring writers – if your entry is included in our book, you will be invited to our book launch ceremony taking place at the Civic Centre Resource Library in the fall. VPL will promote this project to the entire community.
  • You can submit all genres (including poetry and non-fiction) to SELF-e and we will showcase all the works we receive under “Vaughan Writes: a Canada 150 Curation” on SELF-e, but Library Journal and our Vaughan Writers’ Club review panel will only review fictional short stories for the anthology purpose.
  • You will be using SELF-e and Pressbooks (more info below).


  • SELF-e is a partnership between Library Journal and Biblioboard, a hybrid software-media company. The SELF-e Collection offers free access to a variety of Canadian independent authors’ eBooks, and a worldwide collection of Library Journal Select eBooks that are recommended by professional book reviewers.
  • SELF-e is also a self-publishing and distribution tool that allows independent authors’ works to be discovered by customers of all SELF-e participating library systems. All Library Journal highlighted titles will likely get priority to be read by library customers and promoted by the participating libraries. Local writers and aspiring writers are encouraged to submit works through SELF-e Submission to gain exposure. Note: SELF-e does not compensate writers with a royalty fee, however, writers will find this tool helpful in terms of  promotional opportunities.
  • More info about SELF-e can be viewed here – note: SELF-e has recently changed their interface design, therefore, not all slides in the video look the same as the current site, however, the functions and steps remain the same.


  • Pressbooks is a book writing program that lets writers create a book in any format they need for publication.
  • More info can be viewed on this video.



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